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Industry Leaders.
KobeDesignLab is a Web Design, Development & Social Media Strategy company that serves leading businesses and organizations.
We deliver creative and innovative solutions to our clients to meet the complex needs of their users through UX strategies & UI design.
We deliver social media solutions to develop and scale our client’s online presence.

An international team.
With more than two decades of working with clients all over the world – we are experienced in the local customs and practices in many global markets.
At KobeDesignLab we are a well-oiled team of results-driven professionals. We love to have fun while delivering top quality digital solutions.

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Reasons To Join



We take pride in working closely with you. Combine our expertise with your vision to ignite business growth through creativity & fast execution. Using a custom website and social media strategy for your brand we can help you convert more traffic and dramatically increase your revenue.

Our tech & design team has the coding skills to build for your digital needs using the latest programming languages and frameworks. We build our team around every one of our client’s unique business needs, bringing multidisciplinary creative thinking with a clear purpose in mind.

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Client Reviews

First Class Clients

We love working with our clients from all over the world

"I worked with Robert and KobeDesignLab for the projects at Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC), to redesign and develop KIC’s English website, and for the landing page for Swift-Xi Inc. I found Robert to be a good communicator, who worked hard address our needs and to deliver our vision for the websites, and it was a pleasure working with Robert and the team at KobeDesignLab, and I look forward to working with Robert and KobeDesignLab on future projects."

Dr. Nick Barua
President at NICK'S Inc. & CSO at Swift-Xi Inc.

"Robert at KobeDesignLab was great to work with. Professional, came with good ideas, and executed on-time and on-budget."

Rick Heise
President & CSO of Swift Engineering Inc.

"Robert at KobeDesignLab worked on changing and updating our Japanese web pages for us at HEA, as well as helping us when our website broke. Robert and the team addressed our website updates, website maintenance issues swiftly, within budget and on time. I hope to work with Robert and KobeDesignLab atagain in the future."

Dennis Hubbs
Foreign Registered Attorney, Japan
Reasons To Join



We provide our expertise in the following sectors:

  1. Web Design & Development
  2. Logo Design, and Business Branding
  3. Effective UI Design, incorporating effective UX Design Strategies
  4. Social Media Strategies & Management
  5. Creative & Innovative Digital Solutions
  6. Website & Social Media Management and Maintenance

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